Our History

At our large Meat Showroom at 46 Pritchard Road, Virginia, we are your one stop shop.

Catering to every customers needs and not just meat, we have a variety of fruit and vegetables, seafood, bakery lines and game meat and we have the finest selection of deli items, we also have condiments of every type to complement every meal.

We are expanding our product lines and service every day, with weekly specials, recipes and easy readymade meals for your convenience. At Jack Purcell Meats we believe we offer far more than any other butcher in Queensland. For more information refer to the links above and visit our store today.

3rd Generation Butchers

We're in our 3rd generation of butchers, spanning over 70 years. Our experience in the meat trade gives you the highest level of knowledge and service the industry can offer.

We only source high quality and environmentally sustainable products, so we're working to keep the industry going for generations to come...

Jack Purcell Meats
Queensland Meat Industry - Recognition Award (2014)

When the characters all gather
in the Butcher's Hall of Fame,
swapping wild and woolly stories
on just how they played the game,
they will share their varied theories,
but no doubt will all confess
they have several things in common
that have measured their success.

Their first is their longevity,
their family and the team.
When we hear the name of Jack Purcell,
we hear about a dream,
born ninety-six short years ago,
in a small Currumbin store
where his father Dan the Butcher,
proudly opened up his door.

It was there Jack honed his Butchering
and studied up the trade,
but in 1943 a wise decision he then made,
to set up shop in Northgate,
his vision on the climb,
and with Velma staunch beside him,
he was making most of time.

Jack played the game, a hard man,
from the horse and cart brigade,
where deliveries to customers
saw firm foundations laid.
He was fit and fair and driven
by the processing of meat,
while his staff were loyal to him
and the future tasted sweet.

As the Purcell children came along,
Paul and John and Faye
the business grew stronger,
till finally came the day,
Purcell Meats was sold to Paul,
and a new era began,
now Adam joins the challenge,
adding to the Purcell plan.

In 1992 Virginia Factory made a start,
followed closely by a nearby shop
that is a work of Art.
Their passion for perfection,
like good wine, improves with age,
and if Sausage Kings were actors
they were stars upon the stage.

Quality and Premium,
two words they advertise,
Gourmet and Exotic products,
sure to tantalise,
Bacon, Ham and Small goods,
it's a difficult decision;
Do you go with modern flavours
or relive a fine tradition?

It's enough to cause an argument,
driving buyers mental!
Are you cooking for a cattle man,
or going oriental?
Do you crave a delicacy 'stuffed'?
A nice thick juicy steak?
From Wholesalers to Retailers,
they line up to partake.

So, why not grab your favourites
from the Jack Purcell selection;
Fill the esky, and then drive off
in an easterly direction,
find a beach down at Currumbin,
where you'll spark the barbecue,
and perhaps... you might just dream up
something that successful too!

Good on ya! Jack Purcell Meats!

Purcells Farm Northern NSW

Paul and Adam see their “paddock to plate” philosophy as the future of Jack Purcell Meats.


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